Ocellated Turkey

18" x 12"
Pressed-Flower Art

22" x 16"


Ocellated turkeys live mainly in the Yucatán Peninsula. They usually stay on the ground but roost away from predators in trees and usually in family groups. Apparently ocellated turkeys don’t exactly gobble. They make sort of a bongo-like sound. I enjoyed the challenge of bringing so many colors and shapes together to make a turkey I had never heard of until it was commissioned! This picture is made of: banana peel, money plant, orange peel, smoketree, corn husk, delphinium, spider mum, aucuba, zinnia, cockscomb, Georgia blue, cotton, mulberry, luffa, oak, parsley, chrysanthemum, various other plants and mica.

Sarah’s pictures are professionally sealed with a layer of UV glass and a vacuum sealing process.
Sarah's pressed-flower art is not suitable for standard shipping. Please contact Sarah to schedule a time to pick up your purchase at the Lavender Cottage.