Master of the Mansion

5" x 10"
Pressed-Flower Art

10" x 15"


Did you know that an eagle’s nest can be up to 13 feet deep and 8 feet across and weigh up to a ton?! They just keep on adding to their nests year after year for about five years. Eagles build the largest nests of any birds in North America. Sometimes the nests break the trees they’re in. Eagles build near water, so my dad sees lots of them and their nests when he fishes. He knows not to stand under their nests :-).

This picture is made of: hydrangea, cotton, aucuba, maple, mulberry and cinnamon.

Sarah’s pictures are professionally sealed with a layer of UV glass and a vacuum sealing process.
Sarah's pressed-flower art is not suitable for standard shipping. Please contact Sarah to schedule a time to pick up your purchase at the Lavender Cottage.