Dent de Lion Cafe'

7" x 10"
Pressed-Flower Art

10" x 13"


This winter I spent hours thinking through, researching and making this picture to be entered into the Philadelphia Flower Show. To my surprise and delight it won third place. The overall theme of the flower show was "Springtime in Paris". I entered the pressed-flower category of a Paris Cafe'. Audrey Hepburn movies were helpful for research. Dent de Lion Cafe' was named after the yellow flowers we, in America, call dandelions. For those of you who don't know, I am reading the French novel by Victor Hugo, Les Miserables. Reading it has given me a great interest in France. Although Victor Hugo's novel is set in 1830s France, I brought many of its characters to a more modern day scene, except for the family at the bottom, which is my family.

This picture is made of: creeping raspberry, birch bark, aucuba, bloody dock, dandelion, thyme, butterfly bush, ferns, statice, cornflower, rose, lettuce, black hollyhock, corn husk, gray poplar, money plant, various fall leaves, black-eyed-Susan, banana peel, onion membranes, cockscomb, Japanese maple, corn silk and some sort of a dead iris type foliage.

Sarah’s pictures are professionally sealed with a layer of UV glass and a vacuum sealing process.
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